How Small Businesses use SEO to Increase their Audience

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Over the years the rules of engaging search engine optimization has changed drastically. Proper keyword usage & placement is not enough for higher rankings on search engine result pages as other essential factors such as back links, meta tags, and headers all play an important role in search engine optimization for better results. However, keyword usage and placement is still essential in allowing the algorithm understand what your content is all about and the overall purpose it hopes to achieve. When researching keywords for your small business, it is essential that you prioritize quality over quantity as it is not ‘how much’ that counts, but ‘how relevant’ it is that drives potential engagement, leading to more traffic & eventual conversions.

SEO Scrabble

Finding and researching the proper keywords related to small and medium scale businesses for the purpose of better search engine optimization, higher rankings and optimal results requires a careful study & analysis of keywords related to the individual business niche in terms of its popularity, search volume, and ability to provide solutions & answers to questions that most people would desire. Tactically incorporating these keywords into content that represents the brand or enterprise in a manner that makes sense, flows well and easy to comprehend is pivotal in ranking well on search engine result pages. 

This requires you to establish and execute a tactical keyword strategy by going for terms based on their in-depth value instead of surface value as the goal is about quality and certain words may have a meaning other than what we just infer of it. Some means of finding and researching proper keywords for your small business include:

Direct Interactions with Customers

One way to get information on key factors that could grow or affect your business is from the input of customers. They always have an opinion or view on products and services. This is important because as a business, your relationship with a customer should not end with a purchase or sale but progress over time sustainably. As a small business, you can engage your customers more on an interactive note. This is a perfect means of discovering new terms that could eventually build up keywords for your content that are more likely to resonate better with others. The simple approach is to pay close attention when communicating with your customers as they discuss what they want, show preferences and make selections, then generating a keyword for your content using cues from the most popularly used terms that others are most likely to search for. 

Keywords tools & planners

Some search engines such as Google provide keyword planners which is a useful resource tool in building up essential keywords list relevant to your business as it helps you to generate ideas on keywords that could perform excellently in promoting your content on search engine result pages with ease & convenience. Once you understand the basics of using these tools which include bids, budget & custom features, it can take your content to the top level of search engine result pages where it needs to be.  For example; let’s say you own and operate an California based nail salon business selling locally made natural nail polish within the area, the Keyword Tool can help you identify terms, phrases, and words potential customers are searching for related to your business that you may not have thought of before. You may think of terms & phrases like “handmade nail polish” and “locally sourced nail polish,” but the Keyword Tool might uncover related and frequently searched terms like “organic nail polish”, “toxin free Nail Polish,” etc. Proper utilization of the keywords tool features will help your content or Advertisement get to potential customers who need the products or service you are offering.

SEO Agencies

There are a lot of agencies that offer local search engine optimization services for small to medium scale businesses such as SEO consultations & management. These agencies comprise professional analysts and experts dedicated to studying data on the search behaviors & patterns of prospective customers related to your business niche or category and use that as a foundation to draw up terms that are frequently used or most likely to be used during search inquiries related to your business. Finding an agency that suits you could depend on their fees, charges, track record or assurances. If you are looking to save cost, yet reap the benefits of this method, you can always hire an individual analyst to help with your keyword research rather than an entire in-house team.

The Internet

The internet is a vast hub of information on different subjects thus, can be used as a means of finding & researching proper keywords for your business. However, we all know that not everything you see on the internet is true, so you must do your own vetting to make sure you are using accurate information to construct meaningful keywords.

Books & Publication

These are also great resource materials to use in finding keywords frequently searched for within your industry as they contain important information related to your business or niche that you might not have realized potential customers are using to search for businesses like yours online. The information gotten from books and publications related to your business can then be refined to best describe your product categories or service offerings to gain increased visibility on search engine result pages.

Social Media

Social media is another avenue for small business owners to find & research SEO terms as it comprises billions of active users that are constantly posting, tweeting, and sharing their personal thoughts & collective opinion on trending news and viral content. As a small business owner, your interest is identifying and discovering viral terms related to your product and service on social media and then creating relevant content using these terms as it is certain to drive engagement because the more such terms are talked about online, the more people would be inquisitive & search for details and answers regarding such keywords. Proper use of such keywords in providing meaningful and relevant answers makes the intention of your content more obvious to search engine algorithms and thus secures a top ranking on search engines result pages.

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