Day 1 Marketing Tip: Content Timeline

Now that you have your goals and your target audience the next step is to come up with a Timeline and a Budget. Coming up with a reasonable timeline is difficult because there are plenty of considerations. You don’t want to set yourself up for early failure by expecting an overnight success. But you also don’t want to give yourself so much time that it feels like you can push things off until later. The following table is an example of how to set up a reasonable timeline. Start by filling in the Project and Sub-project Sections. Decide on how long each project should take and when you would like it completed by, then fill out the start date. If you have multiple people working on projects, make sure their name is filled out under the assigned to column.

Day 1 Marketing Tip: Audience Profile

An audience profile helps you determine who you are trying to sell to or provide a service for. These will be your target audience so your marketing efforts need to be geared towards this group of people. When coming up with an audience profile, here are some questions you should be asking. What is my […]

Day 1 Marketing Tip: Goals

Let’s talk about goals for a minute. Goals should be barely attainable and very trackable. This means that instead of saying “increase sales” you want to put a number and a timetable over it, so it looks more like “Increase sales by 25% within the next 3 months.” This allows you to put a check mark next to it when you achieve the goal without having to question whether its actually true or not. Organize your goals starting with the long term and breaking it down to smaller, more achievable goals. For example, if your year-long goal is to break $120K in sales, each month’s goal would be to make $10K in sales, meaning that the weekly goal is to make $2.5K. Use the graph below to write down some short-term goals and long-term goals for yourself.