Aquatic Pets 559 Website Rebuild

Hi All,

I’m happy to announce that is now up and running. This project consisted of building a new website template based on what Bryan (the store owner) was looking for. The website features all of the commonly stocked fish and reptiles as well as aquariums, terrariums, and commonly used products relating to those animals.

This project took a total of two weeks including the time it took to learn what it was that he wanted. We plan to add an ecommerce section and a marketing plan in the near future. Bryan is very happy with both the performance and the visual aspect of the website.

This is truly a professional site both on desktop and mobile. We just told Daniel what we wanted, and he designed a custom website from scratch. We have begun tracking the site’s usage and are excited to see what marketing techniques bring the most attention to the site and overall traffic of the store.

Bryan Andrade, Owner of Aquatic Pets and Reptiles

This was a fun project as I have a saltwater aquarium at home so I knew about a lot of the products and what I would like to see as a customer. The reptiles section was something that I wasn’t so familiar with so that was a bit of a challenge, but with Bryan’s help we were able to make that section just as appealing, and according to the analytics, so far that is the most viewed page.

I look forward to more of these projects in the near future. If you have a website that needs a slight tune-up or an overall rebuild please contact me here.


Daniel Zohar


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