5 Ways to use the Internet to Increase Foot Traffic to your Storefront

The internet has changed everything we know about shopping in our modern world. For many storefronts, the internet is this giant beast that cannot be taken down. However, in this post, I will be discussing how we can work with the internet instead of against it. Here are 5 ways that the internet can help stores build their foot traffic. Some of these are paid options and some you can do for free.

1. Build a Website

Tools like WordPress and Squarespace make it fairly easy and cheap to build and host a simple website. Here you can share sales, stock, customer testimonials, and schedule appointments with your potential customers. This is also a good place for customers to check out where your storefront is. Customers today like to shop online before they go into the store, so it is vital that you have an online presence.

2. Write Blog Posts

Blog posts are a way for you to gain credibility in your field. This is a place for you to become a thought leader. You can use blogs to share advice on your particular topic and communicate with potential clients. People listen to experts and their recommendations.

3. Run Advertisements

Ads are a great way for you to get eyes from new potential clients as well as keep return clients coming back. You can advertise promotions, new products, or the store itself. Ads can be highly targeted to your specific niche and very effective if done correctly.

4. Get Listed on Google

Google is the top search engine and has been for a while now. When people look for a store like yours, you need to make sure that your store shows up first. The best thing you can do for that is register with google here: https://www.google.com/business/.  

5. Increase Social Media Presence

Your customers are on social media whether you are there or not. So, you might as well meet them where they are. By posting blogs, articles, sales, and customer references on your social media accounts you can quickly get in front of your target audience.


In conclusion, if you have a website, write engaging blog posts, run ads that intrigue your audience, get listed on google, and increase your social media presence you will quickly begin to see a return on your investment of time and money.

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