25 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019 #16-20

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Welcome back! In order to be successful in the new digital marketing age, social media marking is vital in success of any business or organization! This may seem daunting, but relax, we are here to help! Let us begin developing a strategy that works best for you. Previously we looked at 15 of our top 25 social media marketing tips for 2019!

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Who this post is for: small business owners that are looking to take hold of the land grab that is social media marketing, experience social media markets that are looking to make their strategy even better, small business owners that have seen success in traditional media and wish to gain momentum in the digital space.

We have compiled a “25 Social Media Marketing Tips”. These social media tips will help everyone from you seasoned marketer to new businesses owner. This blog will be a five-part series, so make sure to check back early and often to learn more cutting-edge social media marketing tips for 2019!

Let’s continue.

25 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019

Social media marketing tactics can be different for every company and every industry. However, one thing that remains consistent for every company is the desire to see proven results from social media marketing. As the social media landscape constantly evolves, it is best to stay on top of new trends and ideas. That’s why we wish to give you our top 25 social media marketing tips. This blog is a five-part series, so make sure you check back for more as we reveal more tips!  

  1. Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors
  2. Start with Strategy
  3. Understand Your Target Audience
  4. Make Lasting Impressions
  5. Work with Sales to Understand the Buying Journey

16. Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Want to amaze your online community and potential customers? LISTEN TO THEM! Listen and respond accordingly, people enjoy feeling valued, and always have something to say on social media. Engaging with your audience will convert customers into brand ambassadors.

17. Start with Strategy

All successful things online start with strategizing offline. To start, I advise my clients and potential clients to step away from the social platform and ask themselves three very important questions:

  1. Why am I in this business?
  2. Who is my product / service for?
  3. How does my product / service solve my client’s problem?
  1. It is important to start with this because we often forget the answer. (Money is never the real answer).
  1. The answer to this should be a specific as possible. If you server a variety of audiences, you need to make a profile for each. This should include demographical data (sex, age, and location). It should also include interests, hobbies, clothing brands, etc. This allows you to clearly “see” your ideal client, establish which social platforms to reach them on and curate content they will respond best to.
  1. This is a two-part question as you need to know the pains your clients are experiencing. Then you can decide and describe how your product or service solves these problems.

These questions are the start to build a strategy, which will allow you to move onto goals, branding, and lead generation via social media. Companies that do crucial offline work risk wasting their time and money.

18. Understand Your Target Audience

Focus your efforts on where your target audience “hangs out”. (They also hang out in more than one place!) Understand how those you are trying to reach use social media at different points in the day. For example: Bob the business owner may check his LinkedIn and Twitter while at work, but when he gets home, he’s on Facebook and Instagram. You need to create content for all these social channels. Let’s say Bob is a huge sports fan, he might not be clicking on sports links on LinkedIn, but you can bet he is at home. By knowing your potential client, you can create content relevant to them!

19. Make Lasting Impressions

Focus on lasting impressions and genuine content over the long term. Avoid fleeting trends and slang. Your brand’s voice should be consistent and real and reflect the culture for which it speaks. Be authentic. This does not mean don’t embrace new things, just recognize the difference between meeting your clients needs at their level and trying to hard to be “Joe Cool”.

20. Work With Sales to Understand the Buying Journey

As with any marketing structure, the key is understanding your audience, especially in an enterprise market. Marketers should work with the sales team to understand the buying journey and various influences that are involved on the journey. Once the marketer understands this path, they should create content that fits the process.

An effective way for inbound lead gen, is to create content that either helps the reader do their job, saves the reader time during their job, or entertains the reader. This content should then be pushed out through the most relevant channels!

Stay tuned for tips 21-25! Make sure to check back often and let us know what you think! Don’t forget to comment and share. We love to hear your thoughts!

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